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cableBigger is better?

Not really. Especially when it comes to giant cable conglomerates. Bigger likely means less competition and higher prices.

Now Comcast proposes to buy Time Warner Cable. The final company will control the market in 19 of America's top 20 cities, along with nearly 40% of broadband customers.

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Tell us about YOUR cable company!

Most of us are customers of Time Warner or Comcast. Some of us are recent expats, having fled the big two for a competitor if we could.

Tell us about your cable company. Do you get great service for a great price? No? We need your thoughts and experience as we fight to stop the coming merger.

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  1. ComcastWhy it's bad:Higher prices, fewer choices, and worse customer service
  2. CR052K14-Opener2-1Consumers rank cable companies:Both Comcast and Time Warner way down the list.
  3. Merger...
    Comcast-TWC Merger
    Could Bring Broadband Data Caps To Pretty Much Everyone.

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