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Tell us about YOUR cable company!

Most of us are customers of Time Warner or Comcast. Some of us are recent expats, having fled the big two for a competitor if we could.

Tell us about your cable company. Do you get great service for a great price? No? We need your thoughts and experience as we fight to stop the coming merger.

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 The #ComcastTWC merger is intimately tied to larger #NetNeutrality issues. Engage us so that we can share your stories about why the merger is a bad idea and why net neutrality is so important!  Five empty seats meant for FCC officials we invited to #NYSpeaks last week, including Commissioner Wheeler. A reminder that in order to have an #openinternet, strong #NetNeutrality, and stop the #ComcastTWC merger we need the FCC out of Washington and listening to real consumers instead of corporate lobbyists!
 Sorry, #comcast but we have no faith in a #ComcastTWC merger.  A #ComcastTWC merger would be scarier than Godzilla this #Halloween! #NoMerger #stopcomcasttwc #NetNeutrality

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