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No Comcast Merger!What Worse Than Comcast Today? Comcast Tomorrow.

Higher prices, fewer choices, even worse customer service. That’s what we’ll end up with if Comcast is allowed to takeover Time Warner Cable. Comcast will gain more control than ever over what you see online, on TV, and the prices you pay.

Find out the facts and tell the FCC to stop this mega merger. It’s a bad deal for consumers!

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Tell us about YOUR cable company!

Most of us are customers of Time Warner or Comcast. Some of us are recent expats, having fled the big two for a competitor if we could.

Tell us about your cable company. Do you get great service for a great price? No? We need your thoughts and experience as we fight to stop the coming merger.

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 How often have you seen this message from #Comcast ? #cringeworthy #stopthemerger  Part 2: Against the Fat cats like #Comcast and #TimeWarnerCable who want us not only to pay to get online but pay for #Instagram or #Youtube. #netneutrality #CableBoss @freepress
 Part 3: Who wins this #battlefortheinternet? #netneutrality #CableBoss @freepress  Part 1: In the battle for the Internet, it’s us small cats…….#netneutrality #Comcast @freepress

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