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The FCC can hear us now!

Is Comcast's proposed takeover of Time Warner Cable in the public interest? Or is it a lousy deal for the consumer?

Let the FCC know why this is a bad deal for consumers like you! Raise your voices above the voices of Comcast's army of lobbyists.

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Tell us about YOUR cable company!

Most of us are customers of Time Warner or Comcast. Some of us are recent expats, having fled the big two for a competitor if we could.

Tell us about your cable company. Do you get great service for a great price? No? We need your thoughts and experience as we fight to stop the coming merger.

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 Right now the FCC is taking your calls to see how YOU feel about the ComcastTWC merger. We think it's a rotten deal for consumers and that your voice should be heard! So go ahead and MAKE THAT CALL! 1-888-598-4221 #stopcomcasttwc #NetNeutrality  Yep. #comcast #customersrvice #waiting
 At the 'Rally to Save the Internet' last week in NYC hosted by @freepress_fp. Give them a follow and support #NetNeutrality and stop the #ComcastTWC merger!  Some folks outside the #FCC who want some #NetNeutrality!

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