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comcast-monopolyReject the Comcast merger!

Consumers have real momentum right now to stop one of the most anti-competitive mergers in history  Comcast’s takeover of Time Warner Cable. Twice already the FCC has delayed a decision on the merger, and at least one regulator in California is opposing it. Please add your name to the petition. We can stop Comcast’s domination plan if we join together!

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Tell us about YOUR cable company!

Most of us are customers of Time Warner or Comcast. Some of us are recent expats, having fled the big two for a competitor if we could.

Tell us about your cable company. Do you get great service for a great price? No? We need your thoughts and experience as we fight to stop the coming merger.

Images from the Field
 Like this photo if you get a similar look on your face every time you think of #Comcast @ladyvivacity10 #comcastsucks #StopComcastTWC  Follow us on Twitter for live tweets from the #LAspeakout against the #Comcast Monopoly! #StopComcastTWC #comcastsucks
 A photo from the California Public Utilities Commission hearing in L.A. on the #Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger. Like/share this photo if you agree that this merger will negatively affect the prices you pay, the choices you have, and the service you can expect. Don't forget to use the hashtag #StopComcastTWC!  #comcastsucks #StopComcastTWC #Comcast #TimeWarnerCable

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