Security Notification

The website recently experienced a security issue. Although we are still investigating the problem, at this time we believe that it was limited in nature and involved only content pages. It did not extend to pages associated with accepting or maintaining records of donations. To correct the problem, we have now moved all our websites to a new hosting service.

If at some time in the past you gave us your email address, either to make a comment on a blog post or as part of sharing a story published on the site, we want to alert you that there is a possibility that whoever intruded into the site may have gotten your name and email address during the incident. No further personal information than those two items could have been compromised.

We do not know for sure whether any names or email addresses were accessed by any unauthorized individual(s) during the security episode. We do not retain any other personal information about
people. Donor information, including payment card information, is securely hosted in a completely separate system unrelated to this incident.

If you believe you might have visited this site between June and September of this year, we also recommend running a full scan of your computer using anti-virus software. If you don’t have anti-virus software, we recommend getting some immediately and always make sure it is active when you visit any website. For tips, see Consumer Reports’ Cyber Security Hub.

Please know that in addition to changing hosting providers, we have taken additional steps to bolster security on We always strive to put the interests of our community and contributors first and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have questions, please write to me directly at

Kathy Mitchell