New AT&T Phone has Slow Upload Speeds

I am one of many people who got excited about the new Motorola Atrix 4G phone when AT&T advertised that they will be carrying it. The Atrix 4G is a powerful phone and has a lot of great features. Unfortunately, since owning this phone, I have been experiencing very slow data speeds and have been losing the internet connection especially in times when I really needed to find directions or look up information. I have contacted AT&T and was told that everything is fine and that the network in my area is working the way it is supposed to but it isn’t the case. This is what I ask AT&T: Why would the Motorola Atrix 4G, advertised as the most powerful phone in the market, register poorer data speeds than other less powerful phones? This is the main reason I started this petition: Can AT&T explain to us why our upload speeds can’t go over the 300kpbs mark while other phones, such as the iPhone 4, have upload speeds 4 to 10 times faster than the Atrix 4G? Don’t we pay the same amount of money for your data plans? Stop capping upload speeds! I am using Groubal to try to get AT&T and Motorola’s attention about this matter because I couldn’t find any other way to do so. We all know that AT&T is in the process of deploying their "4G" network (Please do not use that excuse to explain the hsupa capping) but our Atrix 4G phone doesn’t even have 3G upload speeds! There are so many unhappy paying customers out there and we want to be heard and our phones to work as they are meant to. If this is not resolved before the 30 day return period, unhappy customers like myself will be returning their phones! Here is the link to the petition (1100 signatures and more):  To read more, check out this website: