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The cable company keeps raising rates and changing what’s in your package of channels. And most consumers only have one choice for a cable provider. Make sure you have the latest developments.

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  • CU’s Ad Campaign Highlights How the Comcast Merger Hurts Consumers

    “What’s Worse Than Comcast Today?  Comcast Tomorrow.”  Consumers Union’s New Ad Campaign Highlights How The Comcast Merger Will Hurt Consumers  WASHINGTON, D.C. – As the nation’s biggest cable and broadband provider, Comcast has earned a poor reputation in customer satisfaction surveys year after year.  But consumers can get expect things to go from bad to worse Continue Reading

  • 90,000 Californians Sign Petition Calling on PUC to Block Comcast Merger

    90,000 Californians Sign Petition Calling for Comcast Merger to Be Blocked  Consumer Advocates Urge California Public Utilities Commission To Reject Proposed Decision, Deny Comcast Merger  PUC All-Party Meeting on Comcast Merger Today at 2pm in San Francisco  SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Consumer groups renewed their call today for the California Public Utilities Commission to reject the Continue Reading

  • Consumers Union Debunks Comcast’s Five Biggest Promises about Time Warner Cable Merger

    Consumers Union Debunks Comcast’s Five Biggest Promises about Time Warner Cable Merger Opposition to Merger Mounts as One Year Anniversary Approaches WASHINGTON, D.C. – One year after Comcast first announced its plans to merge with Time Warner Cable, opposition to the deal is mounting amid growing concerns about its negative impacts.  While Comcast has spent millions Continue Reading

  • FCC Net Neutrality Proposal Would Provide Strong Consumer Protections

    Wednesday, February 4, 2015 Consumers Union: FCC Net Neutrality Proposal Would Provide Strong Consumer Protections WASHINGTON – Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler today announced he will circulate a proposal for net neutrality to commissioners that would increase the FCC’s authority to oversee Internet service providers as common carriers, such as traditional telephone service, using Continue Reading

  • Comcast merger opponents have submitted nearly 600,000 public comments to FCC

    December 19, 2014 Comcast Merger Opponents Have Submitted Nearly 600,000 Public Comments to FCC  Merger Would Stifle Competition and Lead to Higher Prices, Fewer Choices, And Even Worse Customer Service WASHINGTON. D.C. – Opponents of the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger announced today that they have submitted just under 600,000 public comments to the Federal Communications Commission in Continue Reading

  • CU rebuts Comcast’s merger claims In latest filing with FCC

    Wednesday, December 17, 2014 Consumers Union urges FCC to reject Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger in reply comments to agency WASHINGTON, D.C. – Consumers Union, the advocacy arm of Consumer Reports, today filed reply comments at the Federal Communications Commission on behalf of CU and Common Cause in opposition to the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger. In the filing, Continue Reading

  • California PUC urged to reject the Comcast – Time Warner Cable merger

    December 11, 2014 Greenlining Institute ~ Consumers Union ~TURN ~ Media Alliance ~ California Common Cause   Low Income, Consumer, & Media Advocacy Groups Urge California PUC to Reject the Comcast – Time Warner Cable Merger SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Advocacy groups representing low income Californians, consumers, and diverse media voices urged the California Public Utilities Commission Continue Reading

  • “Comcast Attacks!” Ad Shows How the Cable Monster’s Merger Will Hurt Consumers

    October 30, 2014 “Comcast Attacks!” Ad Highlights How the Cable Monster’s Merger With Time Warner Cable Will Hurt Consumers  Merger Would Allow Comcast to Dominate the Market, Leading to Higher Prices, Fewer Choices And Worse Customer Service  WASHINGTON, D.C. – A new Halloween-themed ad appearing in Communications Daily today by Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy arm Continue Reading

  • Despite an FCC No-Show, New Yorkers Speak Out for the Open Internet

    NEW YORK — The fight to save Net Neutrality and stop the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger came to Brooklyn on Monday night as an enthusiastic crowd of New Yorkers testified before five empty chairs, each representing one of the five FCC commissioners who either declined or failed to respond to the event organizers’ invitations to Continue Reading

  • FCC Chairman’s Concerns About Broadband Competition Show Why the Comcast Merger Should be Rejected

    Thursday, September 4, 2014 Consumers Union: FCC Chairman’s concerns about broadband competition show why Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger should be rejected WASHINGTON, D.C . – Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler today delivereda speech on the state of the market for high-speed Internet service and the need for greater broadband competition. Consumers Union, the policy arm of Consumer Continue Reading

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Blog Posts

  • California PUC’s Merger Review Heats Up

    Late last week, the Federal Communications Commission paused the shot clock on its review of the Comcast – Time Warner Cable merger.  Technically, the FCC has 180 days to complete its review but can start and stop the clock at any time.  The agency paused the clock while a lawsuit plays out in court over Continue Reading

  • CU’s ad campaign aims to keep the pressure on the FCC to reject the merger

    Consumers scored a major victory this week when the FCC voted to enact strong new rules to ensure the Internet remains free and open.  Now we’re hoping to capitalize on that momentum and continue the pressure on the FCC to reject the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger. Beginning next week, Consumers Union will run ads in Continue Reading

  • Momentum builds against merger as Comcast faces new hurdles

    When Comcast announced its plans almost a year ago to merge with Time Warner Cable, most industry experts said the takeover plan would almost certainly be approved by federal regulators. But now the mega merger’s prospects are far from certain.   In recent weeks, articles in the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times have highlighted Continue Reading

  • Don’t Let Comcast Break the Internet!

    At a time when celebrities are trying to break the Internet with their latest publicity stunts, there’s a much more serious threat to life as we know it online. Our ability to access the web sites and online content we choose at an affordable price without interference by Internet service providers is under attack.   That’s Continue Reading

  • Comcast Vows to Fix Customer Service. We’re Not Holding Our Breath.

    One of the reasons the Comcast – Time Warner Cable merger has prompted so much public opposition is that both companies have terrible track records when it comes to customer service.  Most people — us included — don’t think things will get better if the merger gets OKed. Survey after survey has rated both companies Continue Reading

  • Comcast’s Latest PR Campaign is All Spin

    Comcast has launched a national media campaign to try and discredit merger opponents (that’s all of us) as just the “doom and gloom” crowd.  The cable giant is stepping up its pr offensive because it knows that the public is overwhelmingly opposed to its mega merger with Time Warner Cable. Comcast dismisses your concerns, saying Continue Reading

  • Comcast customer service rep refuses to take “no” for an answer

    We’ve heard plenty of complaints about Comcast ever since we launched our campaign to stop the company’s proposed merger with Time Warner Cable.  But an audio tape of a customer’s attempt to cancel his Internet service captures a particularly egregious encounter with a surly Comcast representative. For nearly ten minutes, the Comcast representative argues with Continue Reading

  • New York Takes A Close Look at The Comcast-TWC Merger

    Ever since Comcast announced plans to merge with Time Warner Cable in February, all eyes have been on the Federal Communications Commission and Justice Department, which are charged with reviewing the plan.  But some states are taking a close look too and this week New York held a series of hearings on the deal. New Continue Reading

  • Consumer Reports Poll Finds Most Americans Oppose the Comcast Mega Merger

    Comcast has been trying to sell its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable by promising all sorts of benefits for consumers.  But a new public opinion survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center shows that the public isn’t falling for the cable giant’s empty promises. According to the poll, only 11 percent of the Continue Reading

  • Consumers rally against Comcast’s mega merger at shareholder meeting

    Comcast may have an army of lobbyists on their side as they push their mega merger in Washington, but we’ve got the people! That’s the message we sent loud and clear at the Comcast shareholder meeting earlier this week in Philadelphia.  While investors were meeting inside, we held a People’s Vote on the merger outside Continue Reading

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