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  • Intellectual Property Rights — Take the Consumer Survey

    Consumers Union, and the over 220 member organizations of Consumers International (CI), believes that it is in the interest of all consumers to have unhampered and inclusive access to knowledge. To this end, we are helping CI gather information to pinpoint the barriers consumers face when they access knowledge resources such as educational materials, software, films and music. By completing the six questions on the CI access barriers survey, you can help us to understand how consumers view and interact with copyrighted materials.

Blog Posts

  • Californians Rally Against the Comcast Mega Merger

    The battle to stop the Comcast mega merger moved to Los Angeles this week where the California Public Utilities Commission held a hearing on the deal on Tuesday.  The hearing took place less than one week after Commissioner Mike Florio announced his opposition to the merger, the latest sign that Comcast’s takeover scheme may be Continue Reading

  • Mega-Merger Gives Comcast Too Much Control Over Broadband

    Should one giant corporation be allowed to control more than half of the high speed broadband in homes across the country? That’s a key question at the center of the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable.  And it’s a big reason why the merger has generated so much public opposition. If Comcast gets Continue Reading

  • California PUC’s Merger Review Heats Up

    Late last week, the Federal Communications Commission paused the shot clock on its review of the Comcast – Time Warner Cable merger.  Technically, the FCC has 180 days to complete its review but can start and stop the clock at any time.  The agency paused the clock while a lawsuit plays out in court over Continue Reading

  • CU’s ad campaign aims to keep the pressure on the FCC to reject the merger

    Consumers scored a major victory this week when the FCC voted to enact strong new rules to ensure the Internet remains free and open.  Now we’re hoping to capitalize on that momentum and continue the pressure on the FCC to reject the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger. Beginning next week, Consumers Union will run ads in Continue Reading

  • FCC votes to keep the Internet free and open!

    Consumers scored a major victory today to protect the Internet from interference from big companies like Comcast and Verizon.  Help spread the good news by sharing this post:   Post by Consumers Union.

  • All Cell Phones Share Location Data

    Your Mobile Privacy:  Even a Dumb Phone Shares Location Data Whether you know it or not, whether you consent or not, whether you like it or not, your location data can be constantly tracked by your cell carrier – even IF your phone is a block or ‘dumb’ phone. As Pro Publica reporter Megha Rajagopalan points out, cell phone companies collect location data Continue Reading

  • More bureaucracy? No thanks!

    We heard a lot from the Presidential campaigns about regulations – not much of it good. So now that our elected officials are back in Washington, some want to put another layer of bureaucracy over those agencies that protect consumers. That just doesn’t make sense. If this proposed Senate bill passes, it would create a regulatory bottleneck Continue Reading

  • White House wants to hear from you on online privacy

    In a recent blog post, we reported that the White House, in conjunction with the Department of Commerce, had released a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights. The document promises open, transparent forums where industry members and consumer advocates can work together to create reasonable codes of conduct that will lead to privacy solutions for consumers. Continue Reading

  • Center for Media Justice: AT&T-T-Mobile Deal Not Good for Communities of Color and Poor

    The Center for Media Justice has just issued a new report that says AT&T’s proposed $39 billion purchase of T-Mobile will not be good for communities of color or the poor. You can read the report here.

  • AT&T Letter About T-Mobile Purchase Posted on FCC Website Causes Stir

    The blogoshere has been buzzing about AT&T and its recent letter to the FCC regarding its merger with T-Mobile.  The letter offers details about a meeting between company executives and lawyers and FCC officials.  The letter was posted on the FCC’s web site for a few hours before being pulled and replaced by a different Continue Reading

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